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PC NaFIRSŪ is a fault and interruption input and reporting system developed and supported by Devere Software Limited on behalf of the Energy Networks Association (ENA) for Distribution Network Operating Companies who subscribe to the ENA NaFIRSŪ Scheme. The system allows all NaFIRSŪ (National Fault and Interruption Reporting System) data to be entered into a central database under the rules set out by the Electricity Regulation G43/3 guidelines on incident reporting.
The PC NaFIRSŪ System includes a number of facilities allowing customers to customise the system to their own needs. This includes allowing custom fields to be added to each reporting scheme. The PC NaFIRSŪ System has a comprehensive help system, which includes the full text of the ERG43/3 guidelines. The PC NaFIRSŪ Enquiry Manager allows a number of pre-defined reports to be produced at the click of a button, including automatic population of the OFGEM Electricity Regulatory IIP template. Ad-hoc enquiries and reports can be built quickly using the PC NaFIRSŪ Enquiry Manager.
The system runs on PC Local and Wide Area Networks in a multi-user environment with MS Access client front ends onto an ODBC SQL database such as MS SQL Server or Oracle. The PC NaFIRSŪ Enquiry Manager utility runs under MS Access. The latest version of PC NaFIRSŪ runs under MS Access v97. Devere Software provides comprehensive support of the PC NaFIRSŪ System on behalf of the Energy Networks Association. In addition we offer development, consultancy and training services helping companies easily implement and integrate PC NaFIRSŪ into their existing fault management processes. For more information and prices contact Devere Software