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Desktop Applications

Devere Software has developed a number of small desktop applications and utilities for internal use or for associate companies. These systems help the smooth running of common office processes and can be tailored to companies requirements at a fraction of the cost of bespoke software development.
Having previous experience of running a recruitment company we have in depth knowledge of the requirements in this field. Using the power of boolean SQL driven searches our databases match candidates to vacancies using job titles, locations, salary, key skills, and can be adapted to your exact needs. Having document management facilities available within the system allows CVs and documents to be filed easily for each candidate. Communication history and reminders mean that appointments and follow-up are never missed.
Questionnaire Software
Our Questionnaire System has been developed to allow powerful market-research questionnaires to be developed. The system caters for open ended questions, multiple choice options and ranking questions. Our response report produces detailed analysis at the click of a button. MS Access based free evaluation version. Bespoke and web-based questionnaire systems also developed.
Time Recording
Our internal Time Recording System can be customised to your own company requirements. The system allows hourly entry of time to user-defined task lists. Full monthly/ad-hoc invoicing is handled by the system.
Contact Management
We have systems available that make it easy to store basic contact details, group contacts together and run email, mailmerge and label printing at the click of a button.
We have libraries of MS Access and MS Excel utilities written during development. Contact us to find out what we have available.
Small Businesses and Individuals demand cost effective solutions. We have the knowledge and confidence to accept the challenge of offering professional development services at basement rates.