DEVERE SOFTWARE LIMITED Telephone: 07702 869997
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Devere Software Limited was established in 2003 by Edmund Brewster. Formerly Langhorne Computers (established 1987) the company provides software applications development and support for the electricity industry in the United Kingdom. The company prides itself in building close long-term partnerships with customers in order to provide a specialised and dedicated level of support. By gaining an intimate knowledge of the business needs of our customers, Devere Software has gained a reputation in the industry for providing professional, cost effective solutions for some of the biggest names in the electricity industry.
These skills are now being expanded to provide the same levels of quality for smaller businesses and organisations.
Devere Software Limited specialises in building applications in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server running in Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Intranet and Internet environments.
For more information on the services provided by Devere Software please email or phone 01923 218436.
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